The Black Lions


The Black Lions - Chaos Wastes' High Elf army

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I have been looking at High Elves for a long while, can getting over the stigma that comes with them I'd thought I'd go for the often strived for theme of Chrace, aka White Lions. My intial idea started as many others, looking at the fluff that would allow for a mostly WL list. So I ended up looking at Sea Guard, Shadow Warriors, White Lions, WL Chariots and Great Eagles.

Next I was stuck for a colour scheme, and therefore theme. Not one for doing the obvious, I tried to formulate a colour scheme that had not been done locally. That didn't last long... Next I though deeper about different themes. That is when I came up with the idea of an army of chaos waste vets, that way I could have then in darker attire and also give them war-wounds and battle damage.

Next all I needed was motivation. Enter little Chris' noob-hammer campaign. Basic idea being that you start at 500pts and go from there. So all I have to do is get some models...

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The Black Lions

Prince Ylendril of Chrace

Prince Ylendril is one of longest serving princes of Chrace still alive. He has fought in countless battles over the millennia both in defense Ulthuan and abroad. He has spent more time fighting the forces of Chaos directly in the Chaos Wastes. This has led him to be heavily distrusted by his fellow princelings. However Ylendril would not have it any other way. As a young prince, he was an outcast. He was much smaller and weaker than any other born of his generation. Many thought he would die before becoming an adult. However an enduring spirit kept the young princeling alive. He would spend most of his time secretly training in the woods of Chrace with the aid of a young mage from Chrace named Vyleria. His knowledge of beast lore helped Ylendril to use his cunning and guile to hunt rather than strength alone. It wasn’t long until he was able to join the hunt with the warrior young of Chrace. It was during one of these hunts that he first came across the rare Black Lion.

In the history of Ulthuan there have only been a handful of reports of these solitary cousins of the white lions. Taken by awe, Ylendril followed the majestic beast to its lair. As with any other of his kin, he was expect to take down a white lion to show his strength and power. However, with this animal, he could not. Instead he approached it very closely, making sure his presence was known. The great beast stood its ground, but did not make a move against the young princeling. Ylendril was able to walk up to right up to the beast and kneeled before it.

Much time had passed since that hunt, and no sign of the young princeling was seen. It would not be until the first flowers of the spring before he would emerge from the woods again. Riding atop the mighty beast, the once scrawny boy had grown both in height and mass. He came to great fear and adulation by bringing one of these mighty beasts from the forests of Chrace, and was since known as ‘The Black Lion’. Leaving Ylendral to his kin again the great black lion left back into the forest again.

Eventually as time passed his legend grew and the young man grew into a mighty Warrior. He led many successful campaigns both defending Ulthuan and fighting abroad. It was his aptitude abroad which gained him the right to lead many campaigns within the Chaos Wastes. Very few High Elves would dare to land their feet in those cursed lands. But to Ylendril, it was his goal to fight the great enemy at their gates, rather than waiting for history to write itself. To this end, he found it very hard to find allies to join him in his campaigns.

Settlement of Coran Vye

Over the extent of his campaigns he has set up a settlement in the Chaos Wastes. From here he can gain a greater foothold in the wastes and more easily fight the forces of Chaos at their door steps. If it were not for the fact this settlement can also be used for fighting campaigns in Naggaroth the council of elders would not support Ylendril. Know those that follow him are known as the ‘Black Lions’


The Beastiary

Prince Ylendril

The Black Lion

Prince Ylendril (High Elf Prince) is famous for the taming of the rare Black Lion of Chrace. From this he gained his title of ‘The Black Lion’. He has also coloured his cloak black in honor of the beast from which he took his name. Although a very smart and cunning tactician, his place is at the front of the fight leading his men into battle on his might Celestial Lion, Cyrinian. His home is in the heat of battle and often will fight smaller Sorties when a real battle cannot be gained. He is very untrusted by his fellow princelings, but held in awe and respect by his men.

Cyrinian the Greater Celestial Lion

The race of Celestial Lions are an offshoot of the Manticore. These are very proud and majestic beasts. Unlike the Manticore, the Celestial Lion has great wings but no dracionian or scorpion tail and has a better temperament. Cyrinian is a greater Celestial Lion (Griffin), which are much larger and stronger. He was caught and tamed by Ylendril shortly after his first invasion of the Chaos Wastes and has been with him ever since. Covered in many scars and wounds adorn his majestic coat.

Harkor the Stolwart

Lord of the Wall

One of the oldest of warriors under Ylendril, Harkor (Noble) is the Lord of the Spears of the Wastes. He was originally the unit commander of the first White Lions to fight alongside Ylendril. He was with Ylendril when he first settled in the wastes, and he vowed to be by his side until his end.

Beast Mage Vyleria

Vyleria (Mage) was born into a warrior household in Chrace. He was expected to follow the long line of warrior lineage of his brothers and forebears. However he had a mind for knowledge. His magic abilities came out much longer in his life than many other mages of Ulthuan. Although he did not follow the direct route of his forebears, he did follow the path of the beasts.

Spears of the Wastes

Great veterans within Ylendil’s forces, the Spears of the Wastes (Sea Guard) are the main fighting force. They make up 60% of his army and are the most vigorously trained within the settlement of Coran Vye. They also have the greatest mortality rate.

The Black Lions

Out of respect to Prince Ylendril, the White Lions of his forces dye the fur of their coats Black. They fight with great resilience and honor in his name and will often try and hold strong against even against the strongest of foes. They have become very apt at fighting the forces of Chaos and use their great strength and speed to cut down even the strongest of Chaos warriors.

Celestial Lions

The race of Celestial Lions (Great Eagles) are an offshoot of the Manticore. These are very proud and majestic beasts. Unlike the Manticore, the Celestial Lion has great wings but no dracionian or scorpion tail and has a better temperament.
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